About Ian

A few snapshots to give you a, well, snapshot.

My current parish is right downtown, so we have a vibrant wedding ministry; I do just about everything I can to help couples see their wedding in the context of their entire Christian life–the Sacramental arc of the human experience.

wedding pic!!

This is me with one of our wonderful parishioners on Pentecost Sunday.

Wear red for Pentecost, everyone!

Wear red for Pentecost, everyone!

This shot was taken by a parishioner right after the St. Francis pet blessings last year. I ended up blessing my own dog, Captain, though I’m not sure it helped all that much.


Dog and husband.

Dog and husband.

I was interviewed for an article about raising kids in an increasingly secular world. Here’s the article in its entirety. 

This is at my ordination with a good friend from seminary. I was ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons (transitional) June 8th, 2013 at St. James Cathedral by the Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Lee and to the Sacred Order of Priests January 5th, 2014. Before my ordination, I served as a hospital chaplain for nine years.


Ian's Ordination

I’m the violinist behind the Concertmaster. Both my parents are music teachers, and music has been a big part of my life since infancy.

Ian the violinist

The indescribable Iona Abbey. I used a pilgrimage to Iona as a capstone for a Journey to Adulthood course I taught at Grace Episcopal Church in Oak Park, IL in 2012.

iona abbey

One of my students leading worship during our Pilgrimage to Iona.

iona worship

At the Baptism of my wonderful Godson Oliver.


Do you recognize a certain former Archbishop sitting in front of us at Mass?


My family went horseback riding to celebrate my Mom’s 65th birthday! I’m all the way on the left.


I ran 10 miles and didn’t die–QUITE an accomplishment! I’m no athlete, but it was a very cool experience to be able to do something like this.

10 Miles!

Me, leading a Journey to Adulthood module while on pilgrimage.


A slightly irreverent Lutheran friend of mine gave me an unconsecrated priest’s host along with some wine for my birthday. The redhead is my husband, Travis, humoring me per usual.

Slightly Irreverent

Yours truly, the intrepid hiker. Travis and I try to be outdoors as much as possible–which is not all that possible in downtown Chicago!



Travis and I were hitched twice: once at the courthouse and once by The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Lee.

17333160794_9733fea9cd_z IMG_1017

I have a knack for being early for services, so I often have a few minutes alone in the sacristy…




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