Headshot Ian Burch

If you’re looking for a snapshot of the ministry of The Rev. Ian C. Burch, you are definitely in the right place. Welcome! If you got here by complete chance, you’re welcome too. Poke around, see what there is to see.

My vision for this site is twofold: to act 1. as an online repository for my preaching, writing and media and 2. as a resource for search committees who may be interested in a more robust understanding of my ministry than is available in sometimes dry resumes and profiles. Artists bring portfolios to show what they can do, and this site is my attempt to do the same as a Church leader.

Some autobiography that may put flesh on the bones of my sent materials: I was raised in Chugiak, Alaska in a small mission congregation. My parents both taught music in the public schools and made sure we were in church A LOT. It must have worked, because I found myself captured by faith and the Church from early adolescence. This early exposure morphed into the college-level study of Religion with a minor in Music and eventually seminary. After my studies, I specialized in healthcare ministries and served as a chaplain from 2004-2013. I found the work rewarding, challenging and holy. Still, I felt a tugging toward parish ministry.

These days, I serve as the Associate Rector of a large parish in downtown Chicago. I live in the parish house with my husband Travis and dog Captain. Even though we live in the middle of downtown, it is our dream to travel widely and hike often. It’s hard to find mountains in Illinois, but we try our best. You can take the boy out of Alaska, but you can’t take Alaska out of the boy.

Feel free to browse through some of my sermons and parish projects. You’ll also find links to my Office of Transition Ministry profile and my résumé. As always, if you would like additional references, please just ask. My current contact information is on my linked materials.

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